A guide to finding the right smartphone just for you!


Individuality: the ultimate intent behind every new invention in the field of communications and community building. With so many options available to us, it can be a daunting task to decide what phone really best meets our needs. They are essential tools for communicating and productivity. Choosing the type of device that you use to communicate with is extremely important, and with so many options for operating systems and different service providers, it can be difficult to make a final

Smartphone brands

decision. In a world where individuality is what drives our decision making, the smartphone market certainly makes it possible.

The most important part of deciding what phone to get is to first ask yourself a few questions. Will this phone be used for work, play or both? Is it important that you can connect with your other devices? While many of the newest phones all relatively have the same processor speed, they perform at different strengths in every other area. The last thing you will need to consider is this: brand loyalty.


As Apple was the first company to majorly delve into the smartphone category with the ground shattering iPhone a few years ago, it seems fitting to start with them. When you buy an Apple product of any kind, especially a phone, you know exactly what you are getting and after a little bit of playing around with the phone, you can easily find everything you are looking for. They are extremely good at designing devices that look appealing and can also pack quite a punch in terms of operating power.


There is a fairly major concern worth mentioning however: while all Apple products easily connect and speak with other Apple products without a problem, they are quite exclusive. You can plug your iPhone into your Windows PC and pull up iTunes just fine, but when it comes to formatting files for use, it can be quite a chore. For people who don’t have a need to share files in work scenarios, this is a small concern, however this can be a major concern for users who connect daily with other people who carry non-Apple products. Apple phones are great for users who don’t plan on doing a whole lot of business other than checking emails and connecting via Social Media in a traditional fashion but who love to have a fun, easy-to-understand device.


Although it may be newer to the market of smartphones, BlackBerry certainly does have a dog in the fight. The focus for BlackBerry is a little heavy handed in the business area. They are able to receive emails and send them with a few other features unique to BlackBerry. The newer models still have the physical keyboard which is a rarity among smartphones these days However, they are not quite as user-friendly as the iPhone or the Windows Phone operating systems. While they might lack some of the power of the premier Android and Apple IOS devices, the price makes these phones a great alternative for business minded individuals who need to stay up to date and do not need to have all of the newest bells and whistles.

Windows Phones

Microsoft’s Windows Phones have made a grand entrance into the market of smartphones. They have secured a niche for themselves as the phone to buy when you want a phone/camera and they are easy to understand. Windows Phones may not be as complicated as an Android phone, however, they are able to be played around with more than an iPhone according to PCmag.com. Windows Phones are an excellent choice for people who have been used to standard cell phones and want to learn to use a smartphone. There is enough available with the software to be able to enjoy the phone and it can prepare you for future purchases in the smartphone market. As phones with fantastic cameras and a reliable operating system, you won’t be disappointed with the buy if you are looking for a simple smartphone.

Android android

The final contender in the dynamic market of smartphone technology are the Android operated phones. As the number one competitor for Apple in terms of software and hardware, it is no wonder that the very strategy that Android pushes is the potential for nearly limitless options available to their users. Unlike IOS software for Apple, Android is specifically designed to be tinkered with  by the individual user so they can make their phone ‘just right.’ With Google as the company behind the creation of Android materials, they are constantly trying to improve upon what they have already done.

Since Android phones are difficult to navigate at first, I would say that these phones are optimal for advanced users who want to work and play on the same device. The newest phones released by Android rival the speed of the iPhone 5 if not surpass it. While there may be various different kinds of Android software that runs their operating systems, there is always a way to improve the phone’s functionality if you are tech savvy. While Apple maintains that whatever is best for one person is best for all users, Android demonstrates that the ability to be flexible and have a host of solutions towards which functions suit you best is the way of the future. My ultimate verdict on Android phones is that if you buy one, be prepared to spend a lot of time customizing; because that is the whole purpose of the Android operating system.


While the major battle for the most powerful software is between Apple and Android, that doesn’t mean that they are the only two competitors. BlackBerry and Windows phones appeal to a market of people vastly different than the people who desire to be with either of the two major smartphone giants. Before you buy your next phone, make sure you do your research, and I hope that this article helps many of my readers get over that difficult choice! Please remember to follow me on Twitter and to like my page on Facebook along with posting this blog and sharing its contents! I look forward to your thoughts!

Until next time,

The Modern Communicator

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  1. This is very helpful, thank you! I understand now why different members of my family want different devices.

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