Facebook: ‘Ins and Outs’ for Everyday Personal Users

As social beings to the core of who we are, Facebook has allowed the past five years of users to stay connected in ways never before thought possible. With the ability to simply stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers sharing life stories, events and memories is as easy as updating a status and their whole world knows about it. This brings great opportunities as well as creates the need for great responsibility. In this post I will be going in-depth on what makes a truly dynamic Facebook page that is also free from negative digital finger-prints.

According current statistics taken by Facebook, nearly 655 million people actively use Facebook every single day. With that much traffic it is important to have a profile that is easy to understand, interesting and most importantly does not have anything posted that could be damaging to your digital persona.

The first part, luckily, is fairly simple since Facebook has tools for everything you could possibly need. Even if you have had your profile for a while, it is recommended that you go into your account and update your ‘about’ section. This allows for friends and family to see a little bit more detail about what you are involved in, find out your interests and all of that without you having to write multiple statuses about it. 

By default, all of your information that you put on Facebook is available for the public to view, however, you can easily change that by going into your settings and changing that option.

Having an interesting profile varies from user to user. However, if your profile is only for personal use and you only use it to stay connected with friends then here are a few quick tips.

Realize that information that either affects others or prompts others to engage with you are most important. If one of your friends is posting about a topic that does not interest you, how likely are you to keep reading? This is why linking to other websites about news articles, funny videos or pictures of you at a friend’s wedding are so powerful: because they interest other people and ask them to engage.  

This last section will be most helpful for young adults or others who are seeking jobs and will have potential employers viewing your profile to see what kind of person you are. When the first thing that a visitor to your page sees is a picture that was taken the night before at a party that was hysterically funny at the time, but to the rest of the world tells more about you than you think is accurate, it may be time to consider the photos that you share with your online community. Remember that when you post things to Facebook for many people it is the only place for them to get information about who you are.

 For many people, Facebook is simply a way to stay connected with the rest of their personal communities. Hopefully these tips will improve your presence in the digital world. Please feel free to comment on any of the information provided here and once again, please follow me on Twitter and on Facebook

Until next time,

The Modern Communicator

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