Living in a Digitally Social World



ImageSmartphones, tablets and e-readers; these are the tools that many people use to connect and impact a world that is increasingly growing smaller. With the simple touch of a screen, you can view the news, watch your favorite television shows and movies, or even send a short video of your vacation to your family using any one of the video applications on the market. Essentially, you can go your entire day interacting with people without ever having a face-to-face conversation in the traditional sense.  


One of the most important aspect of a digitally social world is evident through the extensive use of Social Media via mobile devices. Over 1 billion people use the Social Media giant Facebook with nearly a quarter of that number accessing their accounts through their smartphones. 

While Facebook is currently the most popular Social Media site, the field of Social Media is growing. People use Social Media to connect with others for a variety of reasons. With possibilities in both professional and personal use, the user can ultimately decide what sort of impact he wants for his posts. Knowing this, what is the best way to use Social Media as a whole? Image

Social Media is only one in a vast array of options for the world to stay connected. The devices themselves have the capability to send messages that can be viewed instantly, emails can be sent out and even use a calendar for their daily planning.

In a world where people still have the intense desire to be socially connected to others the digital and mobile options have exploded. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to learn how to effectively use the tools that are available.

That is why I have created this blog. I want to share my knowledge in these areas and help you, my readers to better understand what digital media outlets may best suit you. Every other week I will post how-to guides on the finer points of using all of the tools available including social media, mobile devices, and new options as they become available to the public. On the off-weeks when I am not explaining how to use a particular medium I will have a more topical discussion on ideas such as ‘what it truly means to create content.’

Stay connected with me on Facebook for updates on blog postings and other information. I will have a Twitter account by the time I post next time, and until then, enjoy your week!

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